10th International Maritime Congress

Co-organizer / Honorary and Substantive Patronage

Ministry of Infrastructure

The task of the Ministry of Infrastructure is to set directions and create legislative solutions to enable the functioning and development of the departments of government administration: transport, inland waterways, maritime and water management.  

This structure of the ministry enables us to take an integral approach to Poland's transportation system. In recent years, we have placed great emphasis on improving access to our seaports, repairing and building new wharves and dredging the waterways. This is very important because Poland's maritime industry survived the worst moments of the pandemic in good condition. Seaports have maintained throughput, and shipyards and those working on their behalf have maintained capacity despite the challenges of the market turmoil.

Confirmation of the special role that the maritime economy occupies in the government's work is provided by the current investment activities underway and planned for implementation: the cross-cutting of the Vistula Spit and the construction of the Shipping Channel, the construction of the Central Port in Gdansk, the External Port in Gdynia or the Container Terminal project in Swinoujscie. Such investments strengthen the position of the Polish economy.



Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority SA.

The ports of Szczecin-¦winouj¶cie, is a universal and one of the largest port complexes in the Baltic Sea. Both ports are the only ones in the country with access to all environmentally friendly modes of transport - sea, inland waterway E-30 and rail CE-59, E-59. Thanks to the A11 and A20 highways, the ports are connected to the European road system, and through the S3 road (E-65) to the south of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and southern Europe. The Port of Swinoujscie is a ferry terminal - a leader in ferry connections with Scandinavia, a terminal for handling mainly dry bulk cargo and an LNG terminal. The Port of Szczecin handles general cargo and bulky and bulk cargo - dry and liquid. Total annual turnover at both ports exceeds 33 million tons.

Strategic partner

PKO Bank Polski


PKO Bank Polski is the largest commercial bank in Poland and the leader of the domestic market in terms of scale of operations, equity, loans, savings, number of customers and size of distribution network. It is a strong and modern bank, providing financial services to all customer segments.

It is the undisputed leader of the Polish banking sector and plays an important role in the national economy. For years, the Bank has been supporting the development of Poland and Poles, accompanying them in their daily lives and understanding their needs. It constantly looks for solutions that help realise the potential of our country. It supports domestic companies and local governments, it is also the most important arranger of municipal bond issues, and participates in the financing of both current needs and strategic investments in new technologies, modernisation of technological lines and energy-saving projects, which have an impact on the country's economic growth and the quality of social life. It offers broad access to funds and the services of advisors focused on selecting the optimal form of financing and repayment terms. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, financing provided to customers by PKO Bank Polski amounted to nearly PLN 250 billion.

The bank also offers instruments to support foreign expansion, such as letters of credit and guarantees and collections to secure business transactions. The launch of foreign corporate branches - in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and soon also in Romania - is also part of the support. PKO Bank Polski's offering is complemented by Group companies providing services such as leasing and factoring.

General partner

Polish Shipping

Polska Żegluga Morska is one of the largest ship management companies in Europe. 

The company has been operating in the global market since 1951, providing top-quality services. The core business of our company is the transportation of bulk cargoes in irregular shipping. Our goal is to transport goods efficiently and safely, which is guaranteed by both modern ships and manning them with trained crews.

Cargo safety, ship and crew safety, environmental protection - we operate to the highest standards, consistently ensuring the quality of service and looking for ways to optimize the journey.

Main Partner


The Voivodeship Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund in Szczecin fulfils its mission by participating in solving environmental protection problems at the local and regional, as well as supra-regional, level. Past practice shows that the Voivodeship Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund guarantees financial stability in the implementation of environmental protection projects that are capital-intensive and long-term. The operating model of the Voivodship Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund in Szczecin with its legal personality has proven to be an effective, investor-disciplining component of the Polish environmental protection financing system.

General partner


WARTA is the undisputed leader in the marine insurance market in Poland. This unique position, which it has developed over the years of its operations, is due to the high competence of our employees and excellent service, both at the contracting stage and during the claim settlement.

It has Representative Offices in key locations for the maritime sector, i.e. in Szczecin and Gdynia. They are staffed by experienced experts who have been servicing clients from the maritime sector for years. The company is also a member of the International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI).

Warta is present in all segments of the maritime economy (including shipyards, shipping, offshore industry), offering protection for all types of vessels. It can prepare a comprehensive offer for any interested party, covering all aspects of liability, property, life and health of crew and passengers.

At the same time, Warta is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. A very rich insurance offer, including, among others, communication, property and personal insurance, covering over 120 insurance products, provides broad protection for both individual clients and companies. Its offer also includes life insurance: traditional protection policies as well as modern investment insurance.

 Warta's rating by Standard & Poor's is currently at A+ with a stable outlook. Warta is the only insurer registered in Poland with such a high rating.

General partner

UnityLine Limited Ltd.

Unity Line is one of the largest Baltic shipowners whose ferries connect Poland with Sweden. It is part of the Polish Shipping capital group and manages four own ferries (Polonia, Skania, Wolin, Gryf) and three ferries owned by Euroafrica Shipping Lines (Galileusz, Copernicus, Jan Śniadecki). The fleet structure enables the company to carry passengers and serve the cargo market. It operates on two lines: Świnoujście - Ystad and Świnoujście - Trelleborg. The company enjoys the trust of shippers and is responsible for the majority of cargo and truck transports on the Baltic Sea.  

A sea of possibilities

Unity Line's offer is tailored to each passenger - motorized or individual, as well as those traveling in a group. The shipowner takes care not only of efficient transportation to the other side of the Baltic Sea, but also provides access to further regions of Scandinavia. Unity Line, is also comprehensively organized trips. During the trips, one can traverse the Swedish coast, learn about the symbols of Scandinavia or visit the royal estates of Denmark. Travelers who prefer to discover the North on their own can bring a bicycle, motorcycle or camper across the Baltic and experience Scandinavian attractions actively and at their own pace. The carrier's trump card is its responsiveness to customer needs. Hence the "tailor-made" offers: team-building trips for companies, educational trips for schools, hen and stag cruises, and even the organization of weddings or proms on the ferry.



General partner

Police Sea Port Authority Ltd.

General partner

Orlen Neptune

ORLEN Neptun - the company responsible for the development of offshore wind projects in the ORLEN Group. The company, in accordance with its strategy, plans to reach 9 GW of installed capacity in renewable energy sources by 2030. By securing 5 new locations for offshore wind farms, ORLEN Group's generation potential may soon increase by about 5.2 GW. ORLEN Neptun is also responsible for the construction of Poland's first installation terminal for offshore wind farms. The terminal is being built in Swinoujscie, and will begin operations in late 2024/early 2025.

General partner

PGW Wody Polskie

The State Water Management Company Wody Polskie has been the main entity responsible for national water management since 2018. The mission of the Holding is to protect the people of Poland from floods and droughts, to manage water in a sustainable way to protect our water resources and to ensure good water quality for present and future generations.

In order to rationally manage the waters, we rely on experts who can see the complexity of the issues in all these areas and skillfully assess the risks in the course of their activities. Wody Polskie exercises ownership rights over waters owned by the State Treasury, calculates and collects fees for water services and issues administrative decisions. They also act as a regulatory body to protect residents from unjustified price increases for water and sewerage services. Read more at: In order to meet the public's expectations for digital information on water management, Wody Polskie makes spatial and map data available free of charge on the ISOK Hydroportal:

Wody Polskie is made up of the following organizational units: National Water Management Board with headquarters in Warsaw, 11 Regional Water Management Boards with headquarters in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Kraków, Lublin, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław, 50 Water Catchment Boards and 330 Water Supervisors.

Economic partner

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

We are a Polish development bank, the only such institution in the country. Our mission is to support the country's sustainable social and economic development. Already in 2025, we want to be a leader in creating and implementing programs that strengthen a stable and competitive economy, supported by strong social capital.

We are responding to major development challenges in key areas of the economy, cooperating with and stabilizing the market, and adapting activities to emerging needs, trends and market challenges through BGK's pillars of strategy and programs.

We initiate and develop cooperation between business, the public sector and financial institutions to counteract the negative effects of economic cyclicality. We support the development of Polish industry and its competitiveness, finance major infrastructure investments, increase Poles' access to housing, and support the activities of Polish companies at home and abroad. 

Responsible, ethical and sustainable business is the foundation of our business, so we undertake initiatives that promote entrepreneurship, innovation, ecology and fair treatment of employees, partners and customers. We operate according to the values of openness, teamwork and responsibility.

We have a glorious history of nearly a century behind us, which inspires our current activities. Since its establishment in 1924, the bank's employees have been participants in events important for the economic development of the country. We financed strategic investments, such as the construction of the port and shipyard in Gdynia and the Central Industrial District. After the political breakthrough in 1989 and the restoration of Poland's sovereignty, we returned by government decision to our original role - a bank whose main task is to support Poland's development.

At Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, we gather experience and analyze historical achievements in order to act all the more effectively in the future thanks to them. Every day we work for the benefit of Poland and the next generations.

Economic partner

Port of Gdansk Authority

The Port of Gdansk is the fastest growing port in Europe, where the

Many international transport corridors begin and end. The port area is divided into two areas. The first is the inner port, located along the Dead Vistula River and the port channel. The second is the outer port, located directly on the waters of the Bay of Gdansk.


The inner port includes a container terminal, a ferry-passenger terminal and RO-RO, wharves for transshipment of cars, citrus fruits, sulfur, fertilizers. The inner port is adapted for the transshipment of conventional general cargo and bulk goods (metallurgical products, heavy pieces, oversized items, grain, fertilizers, ore or coal).

The external port is made up of 4 piers: fuel, coal, LPG and ore piers, as well as the Baltic Hub container terminal located directly on the waters of the Gdansk Bay. It is here that we transship energy resources such as liquid fuels, coal and LPG. The dynamic development of this part of the port (including the construction of a bulk terminal, the location of the PERN Oil Terminal, and the expansion of the Baltic Hub terminal) means that we are constantly looking for new directions for the spatial development of the port. The plans for the coming years include the construction of the Central Port. This is a project to flood a body of water with an area of about 410 hectares.

Economic partner

Polish Development Fund

The Polish Development Fund is a group of financial and advisory institutions for entrepreneurs, local governments and individuals investing in sustainable social and economic development of the country.

Our priorities are infrastructure investment, innovation, entrepreneurship development, export and foreign expansion of Polish enterprises, support for local governments, implementation of the Employee Capital Plans program and handling foreign investment.

We ensure effective coordination of development programs on the basis of a unified strategy and integrated channels of contact with businesses, local governments and individual clients.

Economic partner

Żegluga Polska S.A.

Żegluga Polska S.A. was established on 31 May 1982, according to the date of its first entry into the Commercial Register of the District Court in Szczecin, in Section B, under entry No. 1. Due to a change in the share capital and in accordance with the applicable regulations of the National Court Register, on 7 November 2001, Żegluga Polska S.A. was registered with the District Court in Szczecin, XVII Economic Division - KRS 0000059586 (currently it is the District Court Szczecin - Centrum in Szczecin - XIII Economic Division of the National Court Register).

According to the Articles of Association, the Company's objects are:

  • maritime and coastal freight transport,
  • rental and leasing of water transport equipment,
  • other financial service activities n.e.c., except insurance and pension funding,
  • other business and management consulting,
  • activities of holding companies.

The shareholder of the company is Polska Żegluga Morska P.P. in Szczecin.

The Company's registered office is located in Szczecin, Pl. Rodła 8, 70 - 419 Szczecin.

The Company does not have economically independent plants.  

Economic Partner


The ENEA Capital Group is the vice leader of the Polish electricity market in terms of electricity production. It manages the full value chain in the electricity market from fuel, through electricity production, distribution, sales and customer service.

The ENEA Capital Group includes two important system power plants: Kozienice Power Plant and Połaniec Power Plant. Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka also operates within the Group - the mine is the main supplier of raw material to the Group's power plants. The ENEA Group's operations also include thermal power generation at plants in Białystok, Oborniki and Piła.

Economic Partner

Port of Gdynia Authority SA

The Port of Gdynia is a modern seaport in the southern Baltic Sea. The Port of Gdynia is a node of the European TEN-T core network and an entry point of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, an extension of which is the Gdynia-Karlskrona Motorway of the Sea, which connects Gdynia to Sweden. The Port of Gdynia is a recognized brand of intra-European logistics center. The modern infrastructure and terminals of the Port of Gdynia are used by the largest global and European shipping operators. Steady increases in transshipments and good forecasts are motivation for further efforts to develop the Port.

Official Partner


EY's goal is to build a better-functioning world - by helping clients, employees and society create sustainable value - and to build trust in the capital markets.

Supported by data and technology, EY's diverse teams operating in more than 150 countries provide confidence through audit services and support clients in growth, business transformation and operations.

Audit, consulting, legal, strategy, tax and transaction teams are asking non-obvious questions to find new answers to the complex challenges facing the world today.

 EY in Poland consists of more than 5,000 specialists working in 8 cities: in Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw and Rzeszow, as well as in the EY Shared Services Center.

Operating on the Polish market every year, EY advises thousands of companies, both small and medium-sized enterprises and the largest companies. It creates unique analyses, shares knowledge, integrates the business community and engages socially. Active for more than 20 years, the EY Foundation supports the development and education of children and young people from foster families, increasing their chances for a good future, and helps foster caregivers in their daily work. Each year, the EY Foundation carries out about 20 aid projects, supporting more than 1,300 foster families.

Since 2003, EY Poland has been running the Polish edition of the international EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition, the winners of which represent Poland in the international final of the World Entrepreneur of the Year organized every year in Monte Carlo. This is the only international initiative of this stature promoting the best entrepreneurs.

EY Poland is a signatory to the Diversity Charter and an equal opportunity employer. It implements an internal program "Level Up Without Barriers," actively supporting people with disabilities in the labor market. EY has been repeatedly awarded the title "Employer of the Year®" in Poland in a ranking conducted by the international student organization AIESEC. EY is also a winner in the Great Place to Work and Ideal Employer rankings according to Universum.

Official Partner


The China-Poland Shipbuilding Society S.A., headquartered in Shanghai, was established on June 15, 1951, based on an agreement between the governments of the Republic of Poland and the People's Republic of China. The Society was established mainly to establish a sea link between Chinese and Polish ports. The activities of the Society's fleet allowed for the regular supply of goods for the reconstruction and development of the PRC economy, which was burdened by an embargo at the time.

According to its charter, the Society's headquarters were established in China - initially in Tianjin and, since 1962, in Shanghai, while a branch was established in Poland in Gdynia. The Society also has its own office in Houston (USA), where a subsidiary operates.

The company's activity and financial results allowed for systematic development, expansion and modernisation of the fleet. At the beginning of the 1990s, as a result of changes in the trade structure, the share of cargo traded between China and Eastern European countries in the Company's transport fell from about 90% to nearly 30%.

The newly created conditions forced Chipolbrok to restructure quickly. The Society, as a long-established company with the trust of its customers, set itself the goal of adapting its operations to the new criteria. After 1990, the Society carried out restructuring in its commercial and shipping operations, which adapted the company to the new economic conditions in the shipping market and allowed it to significantly reduce operating costs.

An important part of the restructuring was a change in the concept of operations, i.e. the inclusion of the Society in the transport service of China's trade with Western European and Mediterranean countries. Chipolbrok, despite being a state-owned company, functions strictly commercially, i.e. it obtains cargo in a competitive market through its own acquisition and a network of agents and brokers. It should be noted that the way the Society conducts its business is shaped by external conditions, including the policies of the Western European, Far Eastern and US countries with which the company cooperates, as well as strong global competition with private and state-owned companies.

Currently, the Society's fleet consists of 18 modern, multi-purpose, three-deck, multi-purpose vessels suitable for Project cargo and all types of oversized cargo. In 2022, the Society's fleet was replenished with 4 modern vessels, each with a capacity of 62,000 DWT, which are the best vessels in their class in the world. In addition, Chipolbrok is active in the charter market, as a result of which it operates several additional vessels on a long-term charter basis. The goal for the coming years is to continue actively developing operations in the project cargo market, expanding Chipolbrok's modern fleet, including increasing tonnage through newbuildings.

Currently, the Society is one of the leaders on the shipping market in the field of regular transport of conventional general cargo, heavy and oversized pieces on the routes:

  • Europe - Far East;
  • Europe - Middle East - India - Far East;
  • Far East - Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of the US, eastern direction;
  • Far East-Mediterranean Sea-Europe, western direction;
  • Gulf of Mexico and U.S. East Coast - Europe, eastern direction;
  • Gulf of Mexico - Far East, west direction.

By developing the operations of its subsidiaries and increasing its asset portfolio, the Society is successively expanding its business, including new distillations for cargo transportation.

Official Partner

Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.a.

Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. is a Polish ferry operator whose ships have been sailing under the iconic POLFERRIES brand since 1976. The fleet consists of 5 ferries connecting Poland with Scandinavia every day. They operate on two routes: Gdansk-Nynäshamn and Swinoujscie-Ystad.

Hundreds of thousands of passengers travel Polferries each year, and the lower decks are filled with hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The cargo lines of the vessels allow the transportation of trucks, cars and two-wheelers.

Each year, Polferries prepares a number of themed cruises and excursions in Scandinavian directions for its customers. The potential of the ferries also allows for the planning of corporate events. Large spaces are adapted for conferences, training, meetings and employee integration. The offer is addressed to companies, institutions, organized groups and individual customers. The shipowner provides unforgettable charming moments, taking care of the highest standard of passenger service.

The full offer is available at

Official Partner

Szczecin Shipyard "Wulkan"

Szczecin Shipyard "Wulkan" is a leading manufacturing and shipbuilding services contractor and partner in offshore projects in West Pomerania.

Scope of activity

As a company, we started our business in 2014. We employ key personnel who have been in the shipbuilding and offshore industry for years.

In terms of organization, we are constantly improving processes in the area of project management and in terms of production, we cooperate with subcontractors in the construction of finished vessels and large-scale steel structures
in the offshore energy segment

Szczecin Shipyard "Wulkan" cooperates with dozens of entities employing a total of about 1,800 workers, which use the technological infrastructure of the Shipyard. These are primarily shipbuilding companies related to the shipbuilding and offshore industries. The Shipyard's infrastructure provides the opportunity to implement the full technological process of building vessels and other large-scale structures, including for the offshore sector. Thanks to the partnership and economically efficient formula of operation, it is possible to carry out the most serious projects in these areas of production. We are able to process up to tens of thousands of tons of steel per year.


Szczecińska Shipyard ,,Wulkan" is a company whose technical infrastructure allows the implementation of production in a stream-and-slot technological chain system, dedicated to ship and offshore production.

Within the framework of our process lines, we carry out work ensuring the highest quality in the field:

- maintenance and pretreatment of metallurgical materials,

- Prefabrication of all large-scale steel structures, sections and blocks of ships,

- cleaning and corrosion protection of steel structures,

- launching of vessels - we have slipway centers (three slipways and liftable yards at the slipways),

We have horizontal transportation means with a capacity of up to 414 tons and corresponding vertical transportation, prefabrication and equipment halls, and quays with a total length of 610 meters.

We use state-of-the-art, fully automated machinery and are constantly developing the technologies we use. Our welding technologies have been approved by classification societies affiliated with I.A.C.S.

We are creating a Company that is modern, innovative responsible, and a partner. Tthese values are the foundation of our continuous development.

Official Partner

Pazim Sp. Z. o.o

Pazim Sp. z o.o. is a company established in 1992 and is part of the Polish Shipping Group. The company's activities are focused on the administration of the Pazim office building, together with the leasing of office space in the entire complex on Rodła Square in Szczecin and on Finska Street in Swinoujscie.

However, our portfolio is much richer!

We provide hotel, catering, health, fitness, wellness & spa and even laundry services. We represent the brands Radisson Blu Hotel, Baltica Wellness & Spa, Café 22, Renaissance Restaurant, Europa Restaurant & Café, Copernicus Club, Cukiernia Muffinek, Fitness World and Laundry Center.

In the Pazim complex we offer office space for rent of various sizes. The smallest premises range from 20 to 60 sqm, but we also have rooms that are over 500 sqm in size. It is possible to combine and adapt the rented offices according to your needs. Thanks to that, it is possible to create both an office layout and an open-space area. All the premises are air-conditioned and each of them has an automated fire protection system. The premises are equipped with telephone connections and high-speed Internet network. We provide security 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. We have an access control system, thanks to which the entries and exits of employees are registered. Thanks to a 24-hour reception, which is located on the ground floor, it is possible to leave keys and access the premises at any time.

Official Partner


Kongsberg Maritime Poland Sp. z o.o. is part of the global network of subsidiaries of Kongsberg, the world's largest advanced marine technology company. We provide innovative and reliable solutions for all sectors of the global maritime industry. We are the undisputed leader in the maritime industry and provide mission critical solutions to customers around the world. We develop our own products and are involved in their full life cycle.

We specialize in services and sales of solutions for the marine electronics and automation and information technology market, in servicing marine electronics equipment. Locally, we design integrated automation systems, and are specialists in information technology. We manufacture and supply dynamic positioning, navigation, sensing, communications and automation systems for vessels and offshore installations. We also provide financial services and technical documentation control.

Our goal is excellence in customer service, to which we deliver services of the highest quality and impeccable quality.

People are the strength of our company.

The success of any company largely depends on the competence of its employees. We strive to attract, retain and develop people who, in addition to excellent professional skills, possess a very high level of social competence.

We value the individuality and diversity of our employees, leaving them the space and freedom to act by creating relationships characterised by tolerance, mutual respect and respect.

We set clear goals and tasks, building a company based on commitment, professionalism and competitiveness. We consistently take care to develop the skills of all our employees.

We employ engineers, specialists, programmers, enthusiasts, people with passion, open to new ideas, ready to create new technologies, involved in the implementation of many projects, who want to expand their knowledge to develop their full potential.


C.Hartwig Szczecin Branch

C.Hartwig Szczecin Sp. z o.o. is the oldest and one of the largest Polish shipping companies.

We are constantly improving the quality of our services, including through the use of evaluations and opinions of our customers, so that we have enjoyed a strong position in the market of transport and forwarding services for years.

We offer a full range of freight forwarding services including:
- organization of all types of general cargo, bulk cargo, dangerous cargo and heavy lift and project cargo.
- transport of containers
- transport in all domestic and international relations
- chartering of ships
- cargo insurance
- advice on transport and customs matters
- as part of our own Customs Agency, organizing customs clearance in all available procedures

We have our own Logistics and Distribution Center located on the outskirts of the port of Szczecin, with a total storage area of approximately 30,000 m2, of which 23,000 m3 are indoor warehouses equipped with modern equipment for the storage of general cargo. We have domestic warehouses, temporary storage warehouses and a bonded warehouse.
In each of the warehouses we offer a wide range of additional services such as:

- packaging
- filming
- binding
- repackaging
- consolidation
- palletizing
C.Hartwig Szczecin operates on the basis of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. We hold the AEO certificate - customs simplifications, safety and security, allowing us to benefit from simplifications provided for under customs regulations.
The company is the winner of many awards including employer of the year, leader of safe work, business gazelle and others. As financially possible, the company supports numerous social projects and cooperates with universities.

Main Office: 3 Jana Kazimierza St., 71-620 Szczecin, tel. 91 4806786
Logistics and Distribution Center : 61 Struga St., 70-784 Szczecin tel. 91 4697400


Polish Register of Shipping

Contact details:

al. gen. Józefa Hallera 126
80-416 Gdańsk
tel: +48 58 75 11 100
fax: +48 58 346 03 92

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. (PRS) is an independent appraisal institution with a broad spectrum of services and global reach. Our mission is to help ensure the safety of people, floating and land objects, cargoes and the protection of the environment.
We are a Polish classification society and member of IACS, a notified body for the assessment of products and personnel, and an accredited management systems certification body. We are recognized by the European Commission for marine and inland waterway vessels and authorized by 42 maritime administrations to act on their behalf.

Our services:

- classification, convention, appraisal and technical supervision over the construction, reconstruction and operation of ships, yachts and other floating objects, including warships and special vessels;
- technical supervision over the production of materials for the construction, repair and equipment of ships;
- recognition of products and companies;
- technical supervision over the design, construction and operation of various types of technical infrastructure facilities and equipment, including offshore installations;
- certification of products and management systems;
- certification and examination of welding personnel;
- training.

In addition, we conduct research and scientific work on issues related to the safety of ship structures. We develop tools to carry out the necessary



Address: 71-820 Szczecin, 44/65 Nad Odrą St.
Tel: +48 91 445-56-00 -
NIP: 851-030-74-57
Scope of operation:

- PROFESSIONAL PORT SERVICES: transshipment of bulk goods (fertilizers, aggregates, mineral raw materials) and liquid chemicals in all basic relations.
- ANALYTICAL LABORATORY providing services in the analysis of solid and liquid fertilizers and other materials.
- STORAGE of bulk and liquid goods.
- PRODUCTION AND CONFECTION of multi-component mineral fertilizers from own and entrusted raw materials.
WE HAVE: full technical facilities for loading and unloading of bulk and liquid goods; PHOSPHATE S URFACES (concrete) - equipped, among others, with a crane, a system of conveyor belts, an unloading point for railroad wagons, covered warehouses, high storage warehouses, storage sheds and storage yards. NABRZE
DALBOWE - equipped with a system of pipelines and pumps, directly connected to the base of tanks for liquid chemicals; own railroad siding directly connected to the two quays.
WE PROVIDE ADDITIONAL SERVICES: mooring of barges and ships, confectioning, weighing of railroad wagons and cars on legalized scales.
Director of the Port of the Oder River tel: +48 91 44-55-646, mob. +48 694-454-882


GRYF Logistics Center

The region's most modern cold storage facility located at the Port of Szczecin

We offer our clients:

  • storage of fish and seafood at temperatures down to -22C
  • transshipment of goods from ships, containers and cars
  • additional services related to storage and handling: picking of goods, weighing, filming, labeling, sorting, photographic documentation
  • we have our own Type I Public Customs Warehouse and Temporary Storage Warehouse
  • comprehensive customs service
  • forwarding and transportation services
  • Direct connection by sea and land
  • state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) solutions
  • full identification of stored goods
  • Individual handling of customer pallet codes (e.g. SSCC) 
  • 24-hour access to information on current stock levels, warehouse documents, etc. via a web platform
  • Many years of experience in the refrigeration and port services industry
  • High quality and safety confirmed by certified MSC/ASC/IFS Logistics/ISO 27001 quality management systems
  • AEO authorization for customs simplification/security and safety
  • cold storage facility located in the port of Szczecin at the Bulgarian quay with a permissible draught of ships up to 8.8m
  • near the container terminal 
  • proximity to the western border allows convenient road connections to the highway system of Western Europe


Euroafrica Services Limited Branch in Poland

Euroafrica was established on 1 September 1991 in Szczecin .

For 30 years Euroafrica's core business has been the provision of maritime cargo transport services. Euroafrica offers regular shipping connections to Great Britain, Sweden and Africa :

  • The Swinoujscie - Ystad and Swinoujscie - Trelleborg Ferry Line has three ferries (' Copernicus', 'Galileusz', and 'Jan Śniadecki') operated by Unity Line (, carrying trucks, rail cars and offering passenger services;
  • West Africa Line - a conventional service operated by four multipurpose vessels from Polish Baltic and Western European ports to ports in the Senegal-Gulf of Guinea range. The service offers calls to East African ports with adequate cargo supply. Carriage of general cargo, bulk cargo , heavy (up to 140 tons) and oversized pieces.


Morska Stocznia Remontowa GRYFIA S.A.

Morska Stocznia Remontowa "Gryfia" S.A., is one of the most famous repair shipyards in the country and abroad. The origins of the shipyard date back to the early 1950s of the previous century. The shipyard carries out comprehensive repairs and conversions of large commercial vessels, passenger ferries and specialized multipurpose vessels. The shipyard's central location in Europe, close proximity to major land transport routes and to important shipping lines, as well as good infrastructure, make the plant a good partner for ship repairs. In addition, the plant's location close to the German border ensures easy transportation of equipment and spare parts from Western European suppliers, as well as quick access for specialized services.


Maritime Institute of Fisheries

The Marine Fisheries Institute - National Research Institute (MIR-PIB) is the oldest institution in Poland that conducts marine fisheries and oceanographic research, as well as expert activities, particularly for the benefit of fisheries, processing and aquaculture, and fisheries administration.

The institute is an active partner for science and business in the areas of environmental impact assessments, the state and functioning of marine ecosystems, spatial planning, food quality and safety, processing technologies, the economic health of the fishing and processing sector, and cooperation in various marine projects.

The Gdynia Aquarium, an integral part of MIR-PIB, was established in 1971. The walls of this modernist building once housed the Institute's headquarters.

Today it is a vibrant place, hiding more than 130 tons of water, home to more than 1,400 aquatic and aquatic-terrestrial animals belonging to some 200 species from the most diverse corners of the globe. Among the biggest attractions are the coral reef, resplendent with a feast of colors, and such specimens as bottom sharks, red piranhas, freshwater stingrays, the world's smallest crocodile - the short-necked crocodile - and the world's heaviest snake - the green anaconda.

An important element of the activity of the MIR-PIB Gdynia Aquarium is also educational activities aimed at spreading knowledge of marine biology and ecology and environmental protection.


Gaz System

GAZ-SYSTEM is a strategic company for the Polish economy. It is responsible for the transmission of natural gas, manages the most important gas pipelines in Poland and owns the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.

As part of its 2015-2025 investment programme, GAZ-SYSTEM is constructing more than 2,000 km of new gas pipelines in the western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. The company is implementing one of the most important infrastructure projects in the country - the Baltic Pipe project, which involves the construction of a two-way offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland and Denmark, the expansion of the local transmission network and three gas compressor stations.

The construction of interconnectors with Lithuania and Slovakia is also underway, as is the design of onshore gas pipelines that will connect the planned FSRU floating terminal in the Gulf of Gdansk to the national transmission system. An expansion of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście is also underway, which will increase the regasification capacity of the facility by more than half. 


Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o.

Totalizator Sportowy is one of Poland's largest and most recognizable companies. It has been operating continuously for over 67 years, providing customers with access to a wide range of gaming products.

The company owns the LOTTO brand and has a land-based sales network of almost 20,000 outlets, while also making its games and lotteries available online. It also operates the only legal online casino in Poland - Total Casino - and a chain of slot machine gaming outlets outside gaming casinos. Totalizator Sportowy is a technology company that is constantly developing and looking for innovative solutions. Its activities are aimed at anticipating market needs using innovation and best business practices.

Totalizator Sportowy has invariably remained one of the pillars of financing Polish sport and culture. Since 1994, the company has donated more than PLN 17.7 billion to sport and culture through subsidies for draw-based games and lotteries alone. In addition, the company carries out extensive patronage financed from its own funds.

The responsible sale of gaming products and adherence to the highest safety standards is confirmed by the Responsible Gaming certificate awarded by the international organisations European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association.